CEC, Australia has added a Rapidmix 400 C mobile plant to its growing machinery acquisition list. The Rapidmix 400 C is essentially a mobile continuous mixing plant which can churn out 400 tonnes per hour of cement treated road base (CTB). This 40 tonne monster has been designed to be totally mobile and completely self-contained with its own power source. The hydraulic system changes the plant from its travel mode into a self erecting fully operational machine in 2-3 hours.

The mobile plant was secured through Rapid’s distributor, Lincom Pacific Equipment. To ensure that the machine would perform all necessary functions required by CEC, Peter
Behne made a lightning visit to Rapid International’s factory in Tandragee. Once the machine was furnished with CEC specific modifications it was sea freighted to Brisbane and then trucked up to Cairns by CEC Constructions.

12m3 of road base can be loaded into the aggregated hopper and mixed with cement from the towering white binder silo. Internal water supply regulates the option moisture content to the mix. A twin shaft continuous mixer is fitted with intermeshed paddles to optimise mixing and maximise output. The mixed material is then transported 11.4 metres to the gob hopper by onboard out-loading conveyor belt.

The resulting cement treated road base is a far superior product than traditional method of laying the base out dry and applying water with a water truck and mixing with a grader. All the high strength pavement at the Cairns International Airport (Australia) were built using cement treated road base.

The Rapidmix 400 C was dry commissioned at the Cairns depot and received a full production run at Pinnacle Quarry in Townsville. The acquisition of the mobile plant will broaden CEC’s potential to tender on projects requiring cement treated material.