bespoke-rapid-concrete-batching-plant-nick-cowley-operations-director-cubis-industries-low-resCubis Systems recently commissioned a bespoke Rapid concrete batching plant solution for its County Armagh site, in order to support the future demands in both output and quality required by its customers.

Cubis Systems, an operating division of one of Europe’s leading building materials companies, is the global leader in the manufacture of access chamber and ducting systems, used in the construction of infrastructure networks. Headquartered in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, the company has seven manufacturing sites across the UK and Ireland and exports to over 25 countries worldwide. In 2018, Cubis chose a bespoke Rapid concrete batching plant solution for its County Armagh site, in order to support the future demands in both output and quality required by its customers.

Cubis operates across 7 sectors, including telecoms, highways, rail, light rail, water, power and energy and the Ministry of Defence. Its extensive product offering includes network access covers and chamber systems, cable protection products, conductive concrete and chamber accessories. Cubis’s enviable client list includes BT Openreach, EDF, Highways Agency, Eircom, Network Rail, SNCF, Tyco, Virgin Media and many more internationally recognisable companies.

A new system required for greater flexibility and consistency

Until 2019, Cubis’s prior concrete production system involved the use of a volumetric truck mixer. This production method made the process of achieving desired outputs and tensile strength of the final product more difficult to control and time-consuming.

With a desire to continue targeting key global markets, Cubis required a new system which offered a greater degree of consistency, flexibility and increased outputs to keep pace with growth. With this in mind, a project team was established to identify the best available machinery. Cubis desired to not only find appropriate equipment but also establish a partnership to develop solutions collaboratively. Colin Bridges, Performance Manager at Cubis, explained, “We wanted a company who could develop the process to remove inconsistent and uncontrolled concrete mixes to guarantee a higher quality product and to allow us  to control mixes to design higher strength products, ultimately giving us the capability to enter markets we previously couldn’t compete in. It was also important to be able to draw on readily available expertise, backup and support. During the tendering process, it became clear from an early stage that Rapid International could satisfy all our requirements.”

The Rapid solution

The bespoke Rapid concrete batching plant, co-developed with Cubis, integrates a Rapid RP500 1 door Planetary mixer, positioned on a specifically designed platform, granting easy access for maintenance. The Rapid Planetary concrete mixer features outputs of 0.5m3 per batch, a pneumatically operated discharge door with heavy duty mechanisms, extra thick chill-cast wall and floor tiles and a 22kW 3-phase motor. The mixer is ideal for precast applications, making it a perfect choice for Cubis. The mixer’s star mixing action creates high turbulence resulting in a thoroughly consistent and homogenous mix. The mixer’s motor and gearbox are positioned on top of the mixer allowing easy access for cleaning and maintenance, a key consideration for Cubis.

Cubis also opted for an optional Rapid Jetwash to enable fast and powerful mixer cleaning. The Rapid Jetwash is a fully galvanised, self-contained, high pressure mixer washout system used for fast and effective mixer clean out. Each wash cycle takes just four minutes and the 2,000psi unit can power up to four mixers simultaneously.

The bespoke plant also comprises of 2x 20T aggregate storage bins with pneumatic discharge doors (discharging onto the weighed belt below) and 300W electrical vibrators. The plant’s integral 600mm weigh belt is capable of delivering up to 200TPH and has a weigh capacity of 0.75m3 per batch. The plant also features a 0.75m3 mixer filling skip.

Installation to the letter

Colin Bridges, Performance Manager at Cubis, concludes, “Rapid has delivered on all fronts – from expert advice during the consultation period, to the project being delivered on time. The action plan of installation was followed to the letter, and everything was completed efficiently and professionally – including the daily support offered on site in the early implementation period. Cubis has benefited from this project, through improved Health and Safety, higher quality and consistency of concrete mixes, increased productivity, reduced maintenance and downtime, reduction in material waste and a cleaner working environment.

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