CAMM Quarries’ Road to Reliability

Rapidmix delivers speed, efficiency, reliability and longevity for CAMM Quarries.

Rapidmix pugmill mobile continuous mixing plant CAMM Quarries cement treated road base

This case study explores how the Rapidmix 400C mobile continuous mixing plant, transformed CAMM Quarries into a trusted road-base material supplier.

About The Mendi Group and CAMM Quarries

The Mendi Group has been operating for 63 years in Queensland, Australia and is a second-generation local family business. CAMM Quarries is one of the many businesses under their umbrella.

When CAMM Quarries first entered the quarrying business, they faced a significant challenge – their existing pugmill lacked the capability to deliver a quality end product consistently. To supply top-tier quality cement treated road-base to the construction industry, they needed a reliable and efficient solution.

A Trusted Choice

Jeff Doyle, Managing Director of the Mendi Group, first learned of Rapid’s excellent reputation in 2012, during a visit to their headquarters and manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland. While Jeff initially had no immediate need for a mobile pugmill, he kept a watchful eye on the market. When he identified a demand for high-quality cement treated road base material, the Rapidmix 400CW became the obvious choice.

To CAMM Quarries, the Rapidmix 400CW represented more than just reliability; it was about achieving consistency and productivity in their operations. Their ambition was to become Townsville’s preferred supplier of reliable cement treated road-base material.

Selecting the Right Equipment

When evaluating equipment options, CAMM Quarries conducted a thorough comparison, considering a competitor that offered a cheaper alternative. However, their long-standing relationship with Rapid’s Australian dealer partner, Lincom Group, and the exceptional after-sales support weighed heavily in favour of the Rapidmix 400CW.

CAMM Quarries was drawn to the Rapidmix 400CW primarily because of its remarkable reliability, substantial tonnage capacity, and outstanding output efficiency. The equipment’s ability to constantly deliver the desired performance was crucial to their operations.

Moreover, the aggregate hopper with a variable speed belt feeder offers precise control over the flow of base material, contributing to the consistency of their mixes. The onboard cement/binder silo provides convenient access to the binding agent required for their operations, streamlining the mixing process. The onboard water system ensures a continuous supply of water, crucial for maintaining the ideal moisture content in their mixes. The twin-shaft continuous mixer thoroughly blends materials, further enhancing the quality of the end-products. Lastly, the out-loading conveyor facilitates the seamless transport of mixed materials from the mixing chamber to trucks, increasing operational efficiency.

Seamless Commissioning and Training

Upon acquiring the Rapidmix 400CW, Lincom Group arranged an OEM technician to provide on-site assistance with commissioning and training. This hands-on support was invaluable, upskilling CAMM Quarries’ team members and ensuring they could fully harness the equipment’s potential.

Ease of Use

Rapidmix pugmill mobile continuous mixing plant CAMM Quarries cement treated road base

CAMM Quarries took additional steps to enhance the user-friendliness of the Rapidmix 400CW. They established an air-conditioned control room adjacent to the equipment, streamlining operations, maintaining cleanliness, and preserving its pristine condition.

Keeping everything clean and well-maintained is a top priority, given the equipment’s significance and cost.

Applications and Accuracy

CAMM Quarries predominantly uses the Rapidmix 400CW to introduce cement powder into their road base materials. The equipment’s accuracy is a standout feature, consistently meeting their specifications and tolerances.

A Wholehearted Recommendation

When asked if Jeff Doyle would recommend the Rapidmix, the answer was an unequivocal yes. Mendi’s Managing Director praised the equipment’s performance, highlighting that subcontract truck drivers experience significantly reduced loading times compared to other quarries. The Rapidmix 400CW steadily delivers exceptional performance, enabling the quarry to produce up to 2,200 tonnes of material daily, with trucks lining up for immediate loading. “It’s probably one of the best quality bits of gear I’ve bought” said Jeff.

A Long-Term Investment

CAMM Quarries sees the Rapidmix 400CW as a lasting investment built to withstand the rigours of daily use. Unlike other capital equipment that may wear out in a few years, they expect the Rapidmix 400CW to serve them for many years.

Satisfaction All-Around

The investment in the Rapidmix 400CW has proven to be a wise choice for CAMM Quarries.

The equipment has met and exceeded their expectations, allowing them to provide top-quality cement for road-based materials and solidifying their position as a trusted supplier in Townsville’s construction industry.

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