Rapidmix Mobile Continuous Concrete Mixing Plant Pugmill Andale NIT North Gate improvement, Hampton, VA, (CCP)Tandragee, County Armagh, 23 July 2017 – In conjunction with its US sales partner, Rapid International USA, Inc, Rapid has recently supplied a Rapidmix 400CW mobile continuous concrete mixing plant to Andale Construction of Wichita, Kansas, USA. The Rapidmix 400CW has just completed the North Gate Improvement project, at the Port of Virginia’s Norfolk International Terminals in Hampton, Virginia. Andale’s Rapidmix is shortly due to commence a second infrastructure project for the NCDOT (North Carolina Department of Transportation).

Based in Wichita, Kansas, Andale Construction Inc. is a division of Andale Ready Mix Central, Inc and provides commercial and industrial construction services including roller compacted concrete, cement soil stabilization and dirt services.

Andale initially chose to rent the Rapidmix mobile continuous concrete mixing plant from Rapid International USA, Inc. for the purposes of production of RCC (roller compacted concrete) to complete the North Gate Improvement project at the Port of Virginia – a critical infrastructure project that aimed to improve throughput of trucks at NIT. The now successfully completed North Gate provides 26 lanes of ingress and egress to the terminal’s North Berth – more than doubling the gate capacity at NIT. As a result of the great success Andale achieved with the Rapidmix on this project, the company made the decision to purchase the Rapidmix, as the machines high output capabilities and mobile ability would enable the company to target larger schemes and projects throughout the Wichita area and beyond.

Whilst discussing the Rapidmix’s consistently high output capabilities, Matt Munsick, of Andale Construction, Inc, commented, “”We were able to run the Rapidmix mobile continuous concrete mixing plant continuously at 400-425 tons per hour with our pig/silo.  I have never been able to run that fast for a couple of hours, much less 8-9 hours without stopping!  We averaged 1,800 cubic yards per day with the Rapidmix 400CW and even hit 2,500 one day!”

Mr Munsick also proceeded to comment on the homogeneity of the concrete mix, stating that it was, “…very consistent out of our plant.” Andale Construction were also greatly impressed with the machine’s fast set up time, stating, “Everything set up in less than 2 hours, calibration took about that long excluding the wait time at the scales, and we were off and running.”

Having recently successfully completed the North Gate project, Andale are set to move the Rapidmix on to its next assignment on an infrastructure related project for the NCDOT (North Carolina Department of Transportation).

The Rapidmix 400CW plant produces high quality controlled mixtures for utilisation in a range of applications – from airport runways and contaminated land treatment to dam construction and soil stabilisation. The mobile nature of the plant combined with the technically advanced design is most advantageous in meeting the supply and demand requirements on projects. The Rapidmix provides a cost effective solution on-site projects where high specification compliance coupled with a high volume fast throughput are essential.

Fully mobile and self-contained, the Rapidmix 400CW mobile continuous concrete mixing plant offers a complete plant powered by its own power source, with on-board compressor and generator. Fitted with a self-erecting system, using hydraulics, the plant can change from travel mode to fully operational within a few hours. Available with outputs of up to 600 tonnes per hour, the Rapidmix provides feed rates that are fully adjustable for the aggregate, cement and water systems.

The recently updated unit incorporates full weighing options for all materials – aggregates, cement and water – which means the new generation Rapidmix 400 CW offers record keeping that is automated, precise and detailed.