When Synergy Sparks Excellence.

Innovation thrives on collaboration, and that’s precisely what happened when two of our company’s divisions joined forces to develop a simple solution to further improve the efficient operation of the Rapidmix 600 mobile continuous mixing plant. This resulted in an upgraded mixing plant and added value for our customers.


The Rapidmix, is a mobile continuous mixing plant, that outputs up to 600 tonnes per hour of semi-dry material. Completely mobile and self-contained, the Rapidmix has onboard power in the form of a bespoke Rapid Power Generation (Rapid International’s sister company) diesel genset.


Previously, the genset controller was located at the rear of the Rapidmix plant, behind a set of doors. The plant’s main control system, however, was positioned at the side of the plant, with easy accessibility. This presented a number of challenges for plant operators, including but not limited to, monitoring the genset’s supply voltages prior to starting up the plant.

As a solution to this problem, Rapid Power Generation proposed repositioning the genset controller beside the main plant control system. A seemingly small change had a big impact on the ease of operation of the mixing plant. The relocation of the genset controller from the rear to the main control area was a game-changer.


Why did relocating the genset controller matter? Here are the key benefits:

  • Centralising the genset controller enhanced safety and control, creating a more secure operational environment.
  • Operators can now manage both the Rapidmix and the genset from one central point, streamlining operations.
  • The new setup allows operators to visually check supply voltages and other critical parameters before starting the main plant, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Operators have real-time access to vital genset information, including voltages, power output, fuel level, DEF level, engine temperature, oil pressure, and active alarms.

A great example of the power of synergy between divisions. By partnering with Rapid Power Generation and improving the genset controller’s location, we’ve improved efficiency, safety, and control. As we continue to innovate, we remain committed to delivering solutions that add value for our customers.

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